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You know having a cohesive brand and website is important. The only problem is your current communication is not working for you and you don't have the time to try and do it by yourself or waste time (and money) hiring someone that doesn't understand you.

Captivating Communication Plan is the all-in-one package that gets you covered to create a brand and website with soul and an experience that connects. Your site will work as your best employee, bringing you clients day and night (from mobile and desktop). So you can be confident and proud of your business and have more time to do what you love.

I'm Laís Scortegagna and I help passionate entrepreneurs like you who want to launch or grow their businesses, to transform business or ideas into captivating brands ready to stand out online and get more clients.

Together we'll align your brand with yourself into a cohesive design and communication that builds trust and grabs your customers attention in seconds.

Are you:

  struggling to reach the public, get closer to your audience and get your brand noticed online.

  feeling your current brand or site doesn’t reflect the professional you are and the quality of what you offer.

  worrying customers can’t find you online and spending money on ads that are not paying off.

  frustrated with so many things you have to do to launch or grow your dream business and hoping for help and guidance.

  feeling behind and desiring to go professional with your business or get out of a poor sales phase.

  feeling your efforts to cut costs doing it by yourself are costing precious time and wishing you could rely on someone to help you.

Does any of these sounds like you?

Many entrepreneurs have amazing products or services but struggle getting it out there.


  going from the fear of messing it up having no clue where to start to feeling confident on a cohesive brand and website that makes people trust you and connects with your ideal clients.

  your brand and website bringing you clients who love your work so much they turn into your advocates bringing you even more clients.

  having a brand that has such a meaningful impact that your costumers wouldn't even think twice before buying.

How would it feel like? That's exactly what Captivating Communication Plan helps you with.

You can go from feeling lost and overwhelmed, losing potential customers to having a tool that works for you 24/7 to help you get noticed, have more clients and make more money.


You will get:

All-in-one service with personal attention you can rely on. Never feel in a vacuum without the assistance you need. Have a partner not just a service.

A responsive website working for you as your best employee so that you can bring customers day and night and have more time to do what you love.

A cohesive brand identity aligned with yourself and your purpose that builds trust and grabs your customers attention in seconds.

Captivating communication that addresses the need for connection and meaning so that your customers feel special and turn into fans.

Positioning and communication strategy  that removes doubts so that your customers, feel you're irreplaceable and get excited to buy.

When you have a website that feels human and truly works for you, you’ll get noticed by more potential clients and have more time for what you value the most.

When you start to captivate customers and do it consistently, those potential clients can turn into buyers and then into spokespeople, creating a virtuous cycle that you can keep feeding with ease.

Do you want that? Schedule a consult!

The consult is conducted via Skype, Hangout, FaceTime or video in FB Messenger. Whatever suits you better.

Laís Scortegagna, designer e estrategista de comunicação. Ajuda empreendedores a conquistar clientes com marcas e sites cativantes.

I believe life only makes sense through beauty and connection between people. People don’t want just a product or service anymore. They want to feel special, be surprised, have unique experiences.

We’ll CRAFT meaningful communication,
not just BUILD a website

You’ll have all-in-one package and personal attention you can rely on.

What my wonderful clients are saying:

“I needed a brand which represented myself as a whole. Both the lawyer and the athlete and the work with children and teenagers. Because I’m all of those things. I advocate, I write about children and teenagers victims of violence and abuse and I compete in SUP. When I saw the one, my heart sped up! The result was exactly what I expected. There were many conversations and sketches and the result was perfect. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Luciane Pötter - Lawyer, writer and SUP athlete

"Now, after the redesign of the site, when a new client talks to me he’s already aware of virtually all the services we can offer."

Plinio Cerutti - Civil Engineer
Cerutti Engenharia

"The company's website was as I planned. Light, objective, well indexed, with easy access to mobile version. Today the customer finds us easily."

Anellize Kielling - Architect
Cerutti Engenharia

“I loved it! The result was awesome! Thank you for your dedication and care. I’m sure it will be a success!”

Helena B. E. Martins - owner of Snackit: healthy gluten and lactose free snacks

Let's do this! Schedule a consult!

Everything you need to captivate your clients.

Whether you sell products or services, we’ll infuse your touch in every aspect of it.

Never be left in the dark, no disconnection between you and your brand, faster than you would expect a personalized project could be.

This package provides everything you need to captivate clients. Plus, you get ongoing support for a month after the delivery (just in case you need a friendly hand to get started).

What you can do now

Step 1. Pick a day and time for us to get to know each other and talk about your ideas for your wonderful business. No strings attached. (you can do this right here)

Step 2. Answer the questions in the form. Before we talk I want to know a little more about you and your expectations.

Step 3. Watch your email inbox. You'll receive a confirmation and reminders. Set the date and time on your calendar so you won’t miss the consult.

Step 4. The consult! I'll love to meet you.

Step 5. If you decide to work with me, we start the project! I will send you the next steps and we're good to go. If you decide it's not exactly what you need, I'll be happy to refer you to other resources that can help you get what you want.



Take a look at the FAQ bellow.  If your questions isn't there, send me an email to lais@laiscs.com and I'll reply to you ASAP. Or chat with me by clicking the round button in the bottom right corner (yes, I'm there!).

  • Is Captivating Communication Plan a course?

    No. Captivating Communication Plan is a service that allows you to have the involvement that you want in creating your brand and online presence without the frustration of trying to do everything by yourself and risking getting stuck. I know this is too important for you to leave it in the hands of someone who doesn't understand you. That's why this plan is a partnership where I will learn to see the world through your eyes so we can give life to the brand that you have already envisioned in your mind.

  • What do I get?

    Whatever you need. It 's custom to your project. The basic plan gives you positioning and brand identity and your website reflecting your brand. You will receive a digital folder with your logo in all file formats, fonts, visual elements, email signature and a guide for your brand. If there are any printed goods, you get the files ready for production. If you like me to take care of it, you receive the products already printed. I help you with your copy so it will have your voice. Your website goes live and you have guidance on how to manage it and video walkthrough.

    You can have social media identity, your own pattern or illustrations, any necessary printed products, presentation slides, among other possibilities.

    Dream it. It's possible.

  • How long does it take?

    Two to three months to craft your brand and website. more complex projects can take three months or a little bit more, depending on your availability. Why? Because projects that are in ideation phase or that involve e-commerce or members area have more details that require extra time and attention to implement.

  • What if something happens in my life and it delays?

    It's okay :) I know better than anyone that life plays tricks on us and not everything goes the way we plan, as much as we try. This plan is crafted to make your life easier, not harder. If you chose to work with me you'll have a partner for life, not a contract with a date for the goodbye. If something happens, your project goes standby and I await for you. No penalties for breach of contract. I know this is risky for me and that's why no one does it, but I really believe in the people I work with. When you're ready to get back to it, I'll fit you on my schedule and everything continues as if it had never stopped. As a gathering of old friends.

  • Great, and how much is it?

    It depends of your project. Captivating Communication Plan provides positioning and creation of your brand + your website. From there, your imagination is the limit. We will create whatever you dream of. After we talk, I'll give you a quote. There are payment plans through PayPal.

  • What if I have a brand or website already?

    If you want to rebrand or improve some aspects of your brand or website without changing everything, we can find a way together. You can also hire only brand identity or website. Schedule a consult and let's find out what works for you.

Do you like it?

Pick a date to have all your questions answered and talk about your project so you can decide if Captivating Communication Plan is exactly what you've been looking for.

Yes! Schedule my consult!

a Note to the amazing people that move the world

 I only take two clients per month, so I can give you all the attention you deserve. So, if spots are taken, don't worry. If you choose to work with me to have a captivating brand and website for your business I'll book you to start ASAP.


    • Your brand promise: the main message that shows how you add value to your customers' lives and why they should care. It's your north to confidently speak your brand message and be consistent throughout platforms.
    • Your voice and feel so that people recognize you
    • Know your perfect client (it's not a demographic) so that you can speak to the right people and attract who want what you have to offer.
    • The meaning behind your brand and product/service so that you can create a real connection with your audience
    • Collaborative moodboard to define your brand style
    • Up to three sketches for logo to choose from and two final versions
    • Mockups and walkthroughs of what will soon be your website, packages and other brand collateral
    • Collaborative writing for your copy (I'll help you but it must feel true to you)
    • A beautiful guide to your brand
    • A digital file with every element of your brand identity: your logo with versions, colors, fonts and other visual elements
    • Stationery as needed: business cards, thank you card, folder, tags, stamp, anything
    • Social media matching identity
    • Visual language (your brand speaks!) as needed: icons, patterns, interactive elements, photography style, illustrations, animations, textures. The details that add personality and gives richer flavors to your brand
    • Your captivating website with your voice and personality. It will be responsive to dazzle your audience wether they are on desktop, smartphone or tablet and optimized for search engines
    • Video walkthrough on how to update the website
    • One month of ongoing support after delivery
    • And you can count on me anytime. You’ll get an exclusive link to book guidance hours where you can ask for help with anything

Still have questions?

I understand. The consult is free and it's for you to get all your questions answered and decide if Captivating Communication Plan is for you.

If you prefer, email me at lais@laiscs.com. Or chat with me by clicking the round button in the bottom right corner.

Each and every detail of the website tactfully created by Laís Scortegagna to put a smile on your face.

Encontre seu norte e conquiste seu público

find your north and

captivate your public

Laís Scortegagna, designer e estrategista de comunicação. Ajuda empreendedores a conquistar clientes com marcas e sites cativantes.